Terms of Service

  1. General
    1. By filling out a commission form the Client agrees that they are of the legal age 18 years or older.
    2. All payments are made through paypal invoices. Do not send payments without an invoice.
    3. The Artist has the right to decline any commission for any reason.
    4. It is the Commissioner’s responsibility to provide the artist with all of the relevant information for the commission. This means providing clear and concise visual references as well as a detailed description of what is wanted. This includes, but is not limited to, pose, background, colors, species, clothing, expression, etc.
    5. Please expect up to 2 – 8 weeks for the commission to be finished depending on commission type. The Artist will generally provide an ETA before the commission is paid for.
    6. All prices are subject to change depending on complexity and size of the commission. The client will receive a price quote so the Artist may confirm the commission before the invoice is sent.
    7. In the event the Client becomes unreachable through ordinary means (the specified contact method) for 3 or more months, the Artist reserves the right to cancel and retain 10% of the cost. If the Client is unreachable for 6 months or more, there will be no refunds issued.
    8. If the client is buying art for a 3rd party (friends, family, etc) and contains a character owned by them, they must have permission from the 3rd party. If there isn’t any evidence to suggest this, the Artist may refuse the commission.
  2. Quotes & Form Responses
    1. The Artist typically responds within 24 – 48 hours of form submission, not including days off or Holidays.
    2. If the artist does not respond within a single business week, please send an email to tmb@thatmarchingbunny.com
    3. Quotes are only valid up to 6 months from the quote date. If a commission goes forward after this period, a new quote will be issued.
  3. The Artist WILL Draw
    1. Humans
    2. Anthropomorphic creatures.
    3. Safe for Work underage characters.
    4. Nudity, adult content, and some fetishes. Please ask if you are unsure about what you want drawn.
  4. The Artist WILL NOT Draw
    1. Anything illegal.
    2. Underage characters in 18+ or inappropriate situations.
    3. Vore or Gore
    4. Anything the Artist feels is hateful to others or promotes it.
    5. All commissions are reviewed case by case and the Artist has the right to decline for any reason.
  5. Payments & Plans
    1. Prices are in USD and are accepted through paypal invoices.
    2. Payment is required up front before work will begin and is due within 7 days of the invoice (unless a later date is agreed upon). If there is no contact within 7 days the commission may be canceled and the Client will lose their spot in line.
    3. A Payment plan is available for commissions that cost over $150. The client pays for the sketch and inking stages upfront. Once complete and approved the rest of the payment is required before the artwork is completed. The Client may contact the Artist to discuss other plans and it will be looked at case by case.
  6. Commission Process
    1. The Artist will accept the following changes during the commission process.
      • – Rough Sketch – Pose adjustments, small changes such as expression, hairstyle, clothing, etc.
      • – Refined Sketch – Small changes such as expression, hairstyle, clothing, etc.
      • – Inking – Any details missed from the references or description.
      • – Color – Color adjustments.
      • – Final Artwork – No adjustments can be made at this point.
    2. Revisions that do not follow these guidelines or become excessive may lengthen the commission process and incur extra charges. Please be as descriptive as you can, and be absolutely sure you know exactly what you want before commissioning the Artist. Pay attention to the work in progress the Artist provides, and go over it to make sure everything looks as you want it before accepting it. Things will go smoother with good communication.
    3. The Artist retains the right to reject critique pertaining to artistic skill or style. The Client’s best bet is to take a look at the Artists art to know what to expect.
    4. All communications will take place at the specified contact method and will be logged for record keeping.
    5. The Artist will provide work in progress images at every step of the process and keep in contact with the Client regularly. However, please do not contact the Artist for updates before 2 weeks have past. The Artist will let you know when they begin working on your commission.
      • – The Artist has a public queue visible at thatmarchingbunny.com/queue
    6. Upon completion the Client will receive a url page where they can download the commission. By downloading it, the Client confirms that they have accepted and received what they commissioned and all that they paid for. The Client may NOT share the url page with anyone. It is for the Client’s personal use only.
  7. Refunds & Cancellation
    1. The Client may ask for a refund minus the cost of the current work done already at any time during the sketching and inking stages. Once coloring has started, no refunds will be issued.
    2. If the Client wishes to cancel before any work has been done, the Artist will keep 5% of the original payment as a convenience fee.
    3. If the Artist cancels the commission, 100% of the commission payment will be refunded. The Artist has the right to cancel a commission for any reason, including but not limited to, poor communication, rude or inappropriate behavior, inability to communicate in clear/effective English, or unforeseen inability to complete the commission.
  8. Artist’s Rights
    1. The Artist retains ALL the rights to the commissioned piece and the rights to post it on any personal website, gallery, journal, etc., print, make merch of, and sell it. Image rights may be negotiated for an additional fee of between 300 – 500% of the original commission payment, depending on what rights are being transferred. Depending on use, royalties may also be discussed.
    2. The Artist retains the rights to any assets created or unused/rejected sketches/concepts from the commission and may use them for future works.
  9. Client’s Rights
    1. The Client has the right to post the commission anywhere they would like, and if possible credit must be given to the Artist.
    2. The Client has the right to print personal copies of the piece for display in their home or as gifts and may NOT profit from the Artwork. This includes sale of the digital files, or rights to the image.
    3. The Client may resize and crop the artwork to create icons, wallpaper, or other graphics to use in a non-commercial format, but may not alter the artwork itself. (Coloring in an inked or sketched drawing is an exception to this.)